Linicin Lotion 15 min


Quick and effective

  • A simple 15 minute treatment kills the lice
  • Works on head lice, and prevents the development of their eggs and larvae too
  • A second application 9-10 days later completes treatment
  • No need to worry about resistance – it kills even insecticide-resistant lice


  • Linicin Lotion 15 mins is suitable for the whole family including
    • Children from 6 months
    • Pregnant mums
    • Breastfeeding mums
  • Contains no insecticides
  • Contains no known allergens, perfume or alcohol
  • Low-flammability
  • Not tested on animals


Linicin Lotion 15 mins contains all you need to treat head lice in a single pack

  • 100ml solution – enough for minimum of 2 treatments (for shoulder length hair)
  • Clear instructions
  • Bottle comes with easy applicator tip
  • Pack contains a fine-toothed steel comb to help you remove the dead head lice and nits

For more information, please download the product information leaflet below:

If you’d like any further advice on the Linicin range or treating head lice, speak to a
healthcare professional like a staff member at the pharmacy or your GP or nurse.